This website's aim is to help people take their spreadsheets and generate interactive charts with them. The charts are created using a plotting/visualisation library written in Python called Bokeh.

About Bokeh

The following it taken from Bokeh's website,

Bokeh is a Python library for creating interactive visualizations for modern web browsers. It helps you build beautiful graphics, ranging from simple plots to complex dashboards with streaming datasets. With Bokeh, you can create JavaScript-powered visualizations without writing any JavaScript yourself.

If you would like to know more about Bokeh, please use the following links:

The Site's Intended Users

The main group of people I had in mind when I developed this website were people with little to no programming experience but worked with spreadsheets. Because of this, the type of charts a user can create utilises only a sub-set of Bokeh's functionality. This trade-off, though, allows non-programmers to make interactive charts quickly and easily. From there, they can explore and share said charts like it was another file on your computer.

Accepted File Types

So far, this website only accepts the following file types:

  • Comma-Seperate values (.csv)
  • Tab-Seperated values (.tsv)

These types of files quite common and can be viewed in standard spreadsheet software such as:

Note: Because .csv and .tsv are 'plain text' files, you should be able to open them using Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac OS).

About Craig

The short version is on my personal website you will find artworks I've made, blog posts I've written, 3D models I've concocted, graphic design projects I've put together and software I've developed. For the longer version, visit craigoates.net/about.