Privacy Information

Basically, this website aims to keep as little of your personal information as possible. It does not contain any advertisements with tracking cookies or any social media trackers either.

What Data this Website Stores

This website stores your Username, Display Name, Password and the HTML files (I.E. the charts) generated by the files you upload (.csv and .tsv files) to the server. You are not required to provide any personal information as part of your Username or Display Name. For the sake completeness, the same applies for the Password.

What is Not Stored on this Website

This website temporarily stores any files (I.E. spreadsheets) you upload so it can generate the charts (stored as HTML files). When the server has finished generating the chart and stored it as an HTML file, the uploaded file is deleted. None of your personally uploaded files are stored long-term.

What is Viewable to the Public

Nothing is viewable to the general public. The only thing logged in users can access is their own Dashboard and the charts they have created.

What is Deleted when a User Deletes their Account

The website removes the account's details from the database (Username, Display Name and Password) and all the files, attached to that account, on the server at that moment in time. When a user deletes a HTML file (via the Dashboard), that file is permanently deleted. It is not reversible. The same applies when deleting an account. When a file or account is deleted, that is it. There is no way to retrieve/restore it.

What is Shared Between this Website and

In terms of data, nothing is shared. This website shares the '' domain name but this website uses a seperate database and stores all its files in a different location.